Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy "Noon" Year!

Today we decided to ring in the new year kid style! We had a Happy Noon Year's party and counted down until 12! It started off with a little wii dance party!

Grady was too cool to dance, so he watched from the sidelines!
No new years party is complete without fancy hats, so we moved in to make party hats!
I love the concentration on their faces!

They were so proud of their hats! Somehow I didn't get a picture of Campbell in her hat, but here are the rest:
Grady man
Then it was time to decorate their noise makers! More concentration...
During lunch, they suddenly noticed the balloons on the ceiling and kept pointing to them.
After lunch, they did a little cookie decorating! YUM!

And what noon year party is complete without a balloon drop at 12?!

Thank you to our fun friends for helping us ring in the new year! Hoping 2012 is the best yet!
Campbell, Grady, Molly, Eleanor, Olive
Avery and Luke (Lil opted out of the picture)

As they were leaving I told them to see who could take the most balloons home...Luke won!
Happy New Year!

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