Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas morning!

Christmas morning Olive woke up to not only a note from the big man himself...
but a thank you and goodbye note from Jovie.
She was sad for a minute until someone mentioned opening presents and then she was good to go!

After her Santa presents, she helped pass out gifts to everyone else for awhile. "Here go, Gigi"

Being Santa's helper is such hard work, it made her really thirsty!
Sweet little ballerina got so excited about her new dump truck!

Then she had to change costumes before digging into her stocking!
After the stockings were finished, Honey carried out 2 big black boxes to Mica and I. This was a project she had been working on for awhile.
Inside the boxes there are all kinds of things from my Dad that are meaningful to us. In my box, she put his bicycle jerseys and socks since I rode bikes with him. I also got his "Ropes Eagles" sweatshirt from first grade that I have always loved! The box is full of wonderful treasures and memories! It was such a special gift and it means so much to have these special things that remind me of special times with my Dad.
Olive couldn't wait to try out her new car in the kitchen. We laughed that of all of the toys, she played with the littlest one the longest!
Giving Daddy some Christmas love!
Christmas was definetly not the same this year without Dad, but it was good as it could have been. We feel so blessed! Merry Christmas.

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