Sunday, July 8, 2012

Potty Training...Now That Is An Adventure!

A few weeks ago we took on the hardest thing about parenting so far...potty training.  Holy moly.  I thought temper tantrums and not staying in her bed was hard, nope this took the cake.  I was emotionally and physically exhausted for the first week, but eventually all was well! For Olive to go to her 3 year old class in August, she must be potty trained.  I read all about it and knew that she was showing signs that she was ready.  So, I followed my sweet friend Carma's advice and looked in the Farmer's Almanac for the best days and we put it on the schedule!  We had a potty chart, potty stickers, potty prizes, potty books and soon to find out, a child with a BLADDER OF STEEL. 
 After her first success, she got this cute little book with "baby engines" and a play mat.  We thought hitting her with a great prize initially would inspire her.  Good theory. 
 By day 2, this is how we both felt. 
 I think I became a prisoner in my bathroom.  Don't get me wrong, I loved spending time with my sweet one, however sitting on the tile floor for HOURS at a time trying to be calm, loving and patient is not the bonding I would prefer. 
 But after about a week, she got it well enough that we could leave our house not in a pull up!  Hooray!  And after 3 weeks of practice, and a full sticker chart, we decided to claim her prize!  The potty fairy left her a note making sure she knows how proud she was and that her little potty had been taken away to another little girl who needed it. 
 She was so proud that her chart was full!

 We headed out to the "Elmo Store" also known as Toys R Us!  No trip there is complete without a little ride in the Elmo car!
 She has been dying for a "Round house" for her trains for awhile now, so that was the prize she chose to work toward.  Mommy and Daddy were especially excited that it was on sale this weekend!  God was smiling down on all of us that day!
Olive and Daddy making sure all of the pieces were there. 
 Daniel the Toys R Us Associate was very proud of her as well and gave her a big high five. 
 You can imagine how she spent the rest of the afternoon!

 Even the engines were proud of her big accomplishment, look how happy they look!
We are so proud of our sweet Olive for reaching this milestone!  Nice work little lady!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth of July

We had big plans for the fourth and we were all really excited about them! We started our day of fun with Audrey and Miss Heather at a neighborhood parade! The girls were all set in their festive attire!

Waiting for the parade to start!
 Hooray!  Hi parade!
 The fire truck had it's sirens on and was honking, Olive snuck behind Audrey a little.  I guess she knows Audrey will have her back! Ha!
 We were so excited to see our friends Anna and Campbell in their amazing decked out wagon!
 After the parade, we headed over to Pop's to swim for awhile.  But Olive started running a really high fever, so we headed home.  She slept for most of the afternoon and woke up with a fever.  We were sad to miss the cook out with our church friends, but didn't want to expose any other kiddos to whatever she might have.  We settled for hanging out at home for the evening and going to watch fireworks with just our little fam at our "usual spot".  
Oreos made her feel "much better"!
 Waiting for the fireworks with Daddy!
 Self portrait time, we are getting a little better at these! :)
 Silly faces!
I think I watched Olive more than I watched the fireworks!  Her reactions were priceless!  My favorite thing she said was "Oh! Dat one matches my fingernails!" Love her enthusiasm!

This is her reaction to the finale!

We had a great fourth despite the change of plans.  Hope your Independence Day was great too!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Third of July Party!

We were able to celebrate the Third of July with some really special friends! Pop offered to have the annual party at his house this year and it was a lot of fun.  We had a lot of friends sick and running fevers who weren't able to come and we really missed them!  Maybe next year everyone can make it! 
Ryder was our first friend to arrive and Olive showed him around. 
 Pop really went all out for the party to make sure it was perfect!
 Just a splishin' and a splashin'

 Then Avery noticed the diving board and started showing off her impressive jump skills!  Molly got in on the action too!
 Then all of the kiddos lined up for some jumping fun!  Sweet Anna couldn't jump fast enough!  Her smile never changed the whole time she was so excited!
 Olive showing her jumping skills.
 Ryder was content to play with the water guns instead of jump!
Olive took a little break to blow bubbles with Honey.
 Isn't this the greatest picture ever! Two little patriots! I think this should be a post card or something!

Sweet Griffin
 Campbell the sharp shooter

 Silly girls!  There is another girl in their class at school who apparently makes this face a lot.  Olive always says "Mommy, dis is what Lexi do-es"

Group picture attempts! 
Anna, Campbell, Audrey, Olive, Ryder, Molly, Avery

We are so glad so many friends got to come!  
Mica and I
 Me, Deanna and Anna
(the boy halves of their families were home sick, thankful they came anyways!)
 Mica, Honey and I

Family picture time!  I hate that I didn't get one of every family there, but here are a few. 
Mica and Isaac
 Our little family
 The Hales
 The McGehees
As it started to get dark, we busted out the sparklers.  These three were champs!

Taking a picture of Olive, Pop and Stephen is always difficult!  Here is the best one I got! 
Thanks Pop for all your hard work!  We had a great time and made some fun memories!  Happy Third of July!