Saturday, December 10, 2011

Norman Christmas Parade

Today was the annual Norman Christmas Parade! We had never been before, but we were very excited to get to experience it! Eleanor and her family came down to go with us. We couldn't just pull them in a boring wagon, so I had to "fancify" it a little and it became the Joy Wagon complete with bells that jingled! :)
They both look a little scared at this point...
Misty and I were definitely the Mom-a-razzi, so we had to document that too!
These two girls LOVE firetrucks, so you can imagine the excitement when there was one so close!
They even got Jr. Firefighter stickers!
And they got to look inside!
Rick Kringle getting in on the Christmas spirit!
Sweet Lorelei was so sweet and content the whole time! I would be too if I got to be so cozy!
We had the perfect spot. Right at the beginning of the route, so we were the first ones to see each float.
The girls were very impressed with the parade, particularly the people who gave out candy.

Misty got them the cutest little cups to drink hot chocolate from!
Eventually they wanted out of the wagon. The only rule was they had to touch the wagon. At one point, Eleanor was leaning down with her belly on it so that she would still be touching it! Such a rule follower! Olive on the other hand, was jumping down the sidewalk...

We lured them back into the wagon by giving them donuts! After about an hour, they had had enough so we headed home. The day wouldn't be complete without a little "extravaganza-lorious" dancing.
Thanks Thompson's for the fun time! Can't wait for next year, maybe the joy wagon will look like a sleigh!

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