Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gonna Take a Walk Outside Today...

Yesterday it was so beautiful outside, we celebrated by going on "family walk". We can't wait until it is warm enough to do this every evening. Wrigley loves it more than anyone! We tried to take Gipper since he is staying with us right now, but he went bonkers on his leash and we didn't think we could control him. So the four of us set out on a walk. Daddy has a hard time walking very far because of his hip, so he rode his bike.
"Okay guys, I am ready!"
"I LOVE family walk!"

"Um, Wrigley, you are going the wrong way."

"This is so fun!!"
"Thanks Dad!"

The girls and their shades.

We can't wait for warm weather for so many reasons! Family walks in the sunshine are pretty high on the list!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

So Cool...

Olive got some cool new shades this week. The best part is that she leaves them on! We spent some time outside "helping" Daddy take down the Christmas lights. (Yes, I said Christmas lights, we had a goal for them to come down before March 1st. In our defense, we have been a little busy and stressed, but I know the neighbors are grateful!) She kept them on the whole time we were outside. I think she is going to be like her Mommy and need sunglasses at all times. Here she is trying them out for the first time.

"I am really cool!"
This is her serious face.

When she leans forward they fall down, here she is wearing them like Kimi. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Olive, My Love

Today Stephen got a call from our friend Ryan that he had something for Olive. He had been at Hastings today and saw it and had to get it for her!

It was the "Olive" valentines book! We were so excited. And so thankful for such a sweet friend to get it for her. We were lucky to meet Ryan and his wife Anne in our birth class this summer. Their sweet baby, Grace, was born in September. Our birth class had a few "interesting" people in it, so we were so excited to make friends! Stephen sat down with Olive as soon as we got home to read her the new book.
"Oh, Daddy! I really like this book."

"What is going to happen to the big heart?"

Clearly, she loved it! Thank you Ryan for thinking of her.
We love the new book!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Olive has a new favorite activity...checking herself out in the mirror. She thinks it is so fun. You can tell from the smeary mirror that she has done this a lot! She will squeal when she sees herself for the first time and then try to kiss herself. I hope this doesn't encourage her to be any more prissy than she is already destined to be!! :) Otherwise we are in for a long couple of years when she is in middle school!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The BHS Girls of '99

Today I was lucky enough to have lunch with some of the amazing ladies from the BHS class of '99! Last year when we had our 10 year reunion, we decided that every few months, those girls that could should get together simply to stay better connected. 8 of us were able to make it this time. (There were only 68 in our whole class, so that is pretty good!) Here we are smiling for a group pic.
Jennifer R, Amanda, Danee', Bethany, Neysa, Minna, Jennifer S, Anna
I share so many fun memories with these girls...Cheer camp, basketball, softball, powder puff football, making "the list", the teepee war with the boys (which we totally won with our disgusting use of certain products), long break, homecoming parties, banquets because we weren't able to have dances that were school sponsored, talent shows, Cedar Lake adventures,
Curly's lunches, Albie's jeep, Jessica, '99 bloomers, purple pants, bachelor auctions, parades, the Palace, moving the high school, and the list goes on and on and on.
We were very fortunate to attend a small, very conservative public school in the middle of the big old city! Well, back then it may have seemed more like a curse, but now I am so grateful! I don't know if we were genuinely just naive, or if our parents somehow put us in a bubble, but a lot of the things that went on at other high schools, simply didn't happen at ours. Or if it did we were so busy being naive, we didn't notice. :)
I love getting to hear about everyone's current lives. I was explaining to Stephen that it makes me so happy to hear how great everyone is doing. It is no longer some sort of silly high school girl competition, but a genuine appreciation of how everyone is doing. I was so blessed to get to grow up with these girls who have become such amazing women. I had a fabulous time today and can't wait to get together for the next one!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a great Valentines day full of love! We were so lucky to get to spend the day with little miss and give her all the love we could. Who wouldn't want to be her valentine?!
We started a Link family tradition last year for Valentine's Day...Valentines breakfast. We eat heart shaped sausage, and pink eggs. It is a fun way to start the day off with the ones you love most! Olive sat at the table with us and played.

Giving Mommy some valentine love!

Daddy, "Olive you"!

After breakfast, we went to church and we were actually on time! A Valentines Day miracle!! During the afternoon, Olive and I spent a few hours at school while Daddy went to a special lunch for a friend. Then the three of us went to Charleston's for an early dinner. It was such a relaxing fun day! Stephen and I had agreed not to exchange gifts, but he did get Olive a valentine. (which melted my heart) Here she is opening her special card from Daddy.

For me?

There was a little mirror inside the card and she LOVED looking at herself.

Her favorite part was definetly the envelope. Thank you Stephen, Olive and Wrigley for being my valentines. I am one lucky lady!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Harriet, the Dog

Olive got the cutest little red dog for Valentines day from Miss Terri. Kimi had mentioned to me that day that I missed singing "Harriet Tubman" in Good Morning Eisenhower that morning. Harriet Tubman is one of those songs that no matter how hard you try to make it leave, it gets stuck in your head for days! I was using the red dog to sing the song to Olive, so we named the dog Harriet. She loves biting Harriet's nose and ears and singing to her.

OOOhhh!! Harriet!

"And they said her name was Harriet Tubman, and
she rode on the underground railroad..."
Thank you Kimi for getting this song stuck in my head! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6 months!

Our precious little Olive turned 6 months old this past Sunday. Each month she gets to be more and more fun! She is our reason for getting up every morning. We race in and see who can get the first huge smile of the day. Luckily, she isn't stingy with her smiles, so even if you aren't the first, you are almost guaranteed to get one. We are so grateful to have a happy, healthy, beautiful baby! Olive, you make life worth living!! Happy 6 month birthday!