Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Donuts With Daddy

Olive and Stephen go to the donut shop every Saturday morning. So when Stephen was shopping and saw this donut maker, he knew he had to get it for Olive for Christmas!
Monday morning Stephen gathered up the ingredients they needed and they got to work!

Watching it mix!
And helping a little.
Waiting for the light to turn green!
Poking the Dough Boy's belly...Whoo hoo!
Don't these look so yummy?!
Glazing the donuts with some delicious ganache.
And sprinkles!
YUM!Taking the first bite...
This picture completely sums up how wonderful the donuts were! Chocolate everywhere and her eyes closed in pure bliss!
This was a pretty messy process, but she was SO HAPPY!
Daddy taught her to lick her fingers to take care of the mess.
The donuts were so yummy and they had a messy blast making them! Thanks Daddy!

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