Saturday, February 26, 2011

How "Tweet" It Is...

We have been wanting a little table and chairs for Olive for the dining room. We were walking down the big aisle at Affair of the Heart and I spotted the cutest table I have EVER seen! I called Stephen and had him log onto their website to get his approval and was so excited to get it. (They are a husband and wife team who custom build and paint tons of great furniture and accessories for kids) We set it up in the dining room after Olive was asleep and let her see it the next morning.
How "tweet" is this?!!
DISCLAIMER: Olive is wearing candy cane pajamas. No, it is not Christmas, it was almost Valentines Day, but they fit great so she still sports them to bed! Thank you Auntie Cici, we love these jammies!

She rounded the corner and said "My table!"
She couldn't wait to climb right up.
She wanted to sit and feed herself breakfast...such a big girl!
"What? Momma? Why are you laughing?"
After finishing her own breakfast, she decided to help me finish my cinnamon roll.

And was kind enough to share it with Daddy.
She has eaten almost every meal at the table since we got it. She LOVES it. She will see that we are getting ready to eat and say "table!" and run in and sit down.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome Home Dano!

We had a fun celebration supper Saturday night to celebrate my Dad getting to come home! Olive and I went to Homeland to get a cake and I asked the lady to write "Welcome Home Dano" on the cake. Little did I know she had the shakiest-old lady-my kindergartener's could do better-handwriting EVER! When I saw it, all I could do was laugh! Isn't it terrible? But it tasted good! Honey had gotten Olive a new coloring book and big box of crayons, so Auntie M and Ollie spent most of the evening on the floor coloring!
It was exhausting!
We are so happy he is home!
Olive kissed his "owie" and I know it made it feel much better!

Welcome Home Dano! We Love You!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Super Dano Blood Drive!

This past Saturday, we had a blood drive to benefit my Dad. We are SO incredibly grateful for all of the people who came and gave blood on Saturday and for those who just came to show support and help! We are also so thankful for those people who have gone to donate in his name on their own time. Words can't express how thankful we are! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

A special thank you to Misty for coordinating everything with the OBI, it wasn't an easy task!
Deanna made fliers to help spread the word...aren't they cute!
Mica was such a great greeter and sign in sheet monitor!
We raffled a brick from the original O'Connell's building in Norman that is currently being demolished. The bricks are really neat and will go on sale this week! (Contact Stephen Link if you are interested in getting one) Al Rico, the first donor of the day, was also the first raffle entry and he ended up winning the brick!
Oh and how awesome are the shirts?! Deanna found an etsy shop, where you can create an image and she emails it to you and then you print it on iron-on paper and iron it on any shirt! And when sweet April, the owner, found out what the image was for, she gave it to us for free.
We had so many wonderful friends come show support!
Honey and Mica busily worked the sign in table with their special little assistant!
Adrian can't wait to donate!
Some of the wonderful donors...THANK YOU!
And seriously, only the Mashburn ladies could look this pretty while giving blood!!
There was also a man there who was helping people sign up to be on the bone marrow registry...
We really can't thank you enough for the amazing support!If you were unable to come on Saturday, but are still interested in donating, you can go to any OBI location and give blood in his name. All you have to do is tell them that you would like your donation credited to Danny Young of Yukon and they can look up his information in the system. Thank you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's A Love Day!

We had a simple and fun Valentines Day that was full of love!
My Valentines! I think I have the best valentines in the whole world.
I could not love them more!How cute is this little heart booty?!
Olive got mail today! A Valentine from Dano and Honey and one from Gigi too!
There was money in the card which she immediately carried in and put in her piggy bank. Then she tried to put the whole Valentine in...
I walked out of the room and then heard paper ripping and went back in to see her ripping the envelope into tiny pieces and putting it in the bank! Smart thinking!

She made a special Valentine for Daddy. "Here go Daddy"
It is now proudly displayed on the refrigerator.
Even though we agreed not to do much for Valentine's Day, Stephen blew me away with these beautiful roses when I got home. I told Olive that the white carnations could be her's but the roses were mine. :)
We got Olive an Elmo Valentine book, which she looked at for .2 seconds and then went and got the Hungry Caterpillar. She did hum the Elmo song that her little Elmo doll sings while she was looking at it though.
I hope that your day was filled with love as well!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

18 months

On Sunday, Olive turned 18 months old! 18 months! That is a year and a half! We can't believe it! She has been filling our lives with joy for 18 months now and it just keeps getting better and better!

We went to see Dr. Kuhl's for her 18 month well visit today, and I am happy to tell you that she is FINALLY over 20 pounds! Sweet girl weighs a whopping 21 pounds which puts her in the 8th percentile. She is 30.5 inches long, which is the 19th percentile.
Here are a few other "highlights" of what she is doing at 18 months:
*becoming an even pickier eater (if that was possible)
*runs everywhere she goes
*is climbing like crazy and can get herself on and off of most furniture
*has found a new love for stacking objects, blocks, coffee canisters, toys, really anything she can find
*can almost count to 10 on her own! 7 and 8 get left out a lot
*loves to sing along to songs
*LOVES to dance
*attempts to jump and looks pretty funny doing it
*will try to repeat anything you ask her to, our favorite word to ask her to say is "trapezoid" it is so funny to hear her say it!
*has a big vocabulary that seems to get bigger everyday
*says 2 and 3 word phrases
*recognizes the shapes oval and star
*LOVES playing with her friends
*likes to assert her will and will fight to get her way (you get what I am nicely saying, right?)
*likes to brush her teeth while sitting in the bathroom floor
*is obsessed with "Momma's rone" (Momma's phone) and the remote
*loves to drink milk
*has a crazy southern accent and we aren't sure where it came from when saying a lot of words, for example, she says "my meeelk" in a sweet southern belle sort of way everytime she wants milk.
*likes to play with balls and has quite the arm
*LOVES Wrigley
Happy Year and A Half Birthday Olive Kay! We love you the most!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Link Snow Family

On Saturday, it had finally warmed up enough that we wanted to get Olive out and build a snowman. She knew it was bright outside and needed her Daddy's shades. Stephen worked hard rolling the snowballs and building the snowmen. Wrigley supervised the building. Olive and I were in charge of decorating them.
Daddy worked so hard!
Here they are: Stevie Snowman, Danee' Snowlady and Olive Snowgirl!

Unfortunately, by Sunday afternoon they were almost completely melted! But we had a fun time creating them!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Bubbles!

Friday morning when we woke up, it was snowing again! Stephen took Olive to the window and said "Look, Ollie, it is snowing again!" She started clapping excitedly and yelled "Bubbles!" The snowflakes were so big she thought they were bubbles! All day she would glance out the back door and smile and yell "Bubbles!" Late in the afternoon, the flakes started getting really big, so Daddy decided to take her out to try to catch some bubbles. I absolutely LOVE these pictures of the two of them!

They had so much fun catching the "bubbles". Thanks Daddy!