Monday, December 19, 2011

Yukon Christmas Lights

Sunday night we went to Yukon to see their Christmas display with Honey and Mica and Isaac. Olive said on the way there "Honey ride the back wiff me." Of course, Honey was thrilled to ride in the back with her!
"Look at the lights Honey!"
They have a cute little train that you can ride through the park to see the lights and Olive was so excited to get to ride it!
"I hold Honey's hand."
Ready to ride!
Mica and Honey enjoying the ride!
Isaac, Mommy and Olive
After the train ride, we loaded back up in the car and finished driving through the display! Olive loved pointing out everything she saw. "Look Santa! Look a reindeer! Look a snowman!" Then we went to eat at Steak and Shake.
Daddy gave her a quarter to buy something from the vending machine in the doorway and she and Isaac had a great time playing bouncy ball with the container it came in!
We had such a fun time looking at the lights! Good idea Honey!

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