Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wrigley is FOUR!

Our sweet Wrigley turned 4 on Friday but because our lives have been a little crazy, we didn't get to celebrate until Sunday. At first we thought she wouldn't mind us pushing it back a few days, but after all of the dirty looks, loud sighs and growls, we realized that she really wasn't okay with it. Poor girl. We tried to make it really special, but apparently Olive wasn't in the party mood, so it was a little rushed.

The annual party hat picture (which she hates)
Singing "Happy Birthday"

For her gift, we got her a new set of bowls. The black was a little plain, so I let Olive pick out paint colors and paint it. I didn't realize until it was finished how "Rockin' 80's" it looked. Oh well, Wrigley doesn't mind!

She also got a new squeaky tennis ball!

We had a surprise on Saturday night when Deanna called and said that she had something she needed to bring us (at 10:30 at night). I couldn't have been more surprised to see this beautiful painting of Wrigs when she got here! She had taken a class with our friend Jill at a place in Edmond and they were doing a guided pet portrait night. Since Deanna and Adrian's sweet dog Abby went to heaven, she decided to paint Wrigley! We love it!

Thanks Aunt D for the super special birthday present!

Happy Birthday Wrigley! Thanks for being the most patient and loving big sister Olive could ever hope for! We love you THE MOST!

Happy "Dueday" Mica!

Auntie Mica's birthday was on Tuesday and we all wanted to make it really special. Olive and I went up to her work and took her to lunch. The whole way there I was practicing with Olive "Happy Birthday Mica!" We get there and she says "Happy Dueday Mica!" and has continued to say it all week! We pretended that we hadn't heard of any plans for doing a family celebration. Little did she know, Uncle Isaac had already made plans for us to all surprise her at Hideaway Pizza for supper! All of her favorite peeps were able to help her celebrate!

The birthday girl with the cheesiest smile ever! Ryan and Olive discovered they could play peek a boo with their chairs, which they thought was hysterical!

Olive enjoying her new obsession...styrofoam cups. This was cup #2 of 3 for the night.

Her special homemade card

Uncle Isaac (the surprise master) lighting all of the candles.

Can't wait to dig into the deliciousness!

Having her cake and eating it too!

Maddie and Mica enjoying the yummy cake!

Carol even helped Olive get in on the cake action. They are permanently besties now!

Olive and I and the birthday girl!

We hope your day was great! Happy Birthday Mica!

New Seat

Olive got a big girl car seat! (I know people think I am ridiculous for leaving her in her infant carrier for so long, but she just now passed the weight limit and she still fit comfortably inside and I knew she was safe.) Dano and Honey bought this car seat for her a while ago and let me tell you, she thinks it is pretty great! I love having her where I can see her little face. The first day, she kept saying "Hi Mommy, how you today?" over and over. I think she wasn't sure what to think about seeing me!

Getting all buckled in!

Watching closely how to buckle it, so she can do it herself. Or insist on doing it herself.

I loved this face as we were pulling out of the driveway, you can tell she isn't sure what to think!

By the time we got to the end of the driveway, she was content!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Party In Heaven

One week ago today, heaven threw yet another party. This one was for my Dad. Stephen and I were talking about how amazing it will be someday to step through the pearly gates and see all of the loved ones who have gone before us and to hug everyone "first". I know that when Dad stepped through, he was greeted by his grandparents, my Grandadddy, Stephen's Mom and Grandma Bishop, my Papa and so many other wonderful family and friends.

I am really happy for him. Really, I am. I am so happy that he will never have to have another blood transfusion or receive chemo, or go to a doctor's appointment, but I am so sad for us. We are the ones who have to keep going without him and it is hard. Dad fought so hard to be here with us for as long as he was, even though towards the end, he certainly didn't feel like it. He passed away 6 months and 1 day from the time he checked in for his first round of chemo. It is weird to think about that because it seems like such a short time, but at the same time it feels so long. I am so grateful that he handled most of it so well and didn't have to suffer until the last few weeks. We held a memorial service for him on Saturday and it was a wonderful celebration of who he was. It was laid back, relaxed and people laughed, just the way he would have wanted it. I was given the opportunity to share about my Dad and I wanted to post it here, so we always have it.

"I have heard it said that "seeds of discouragement can not grow in a grateful heart." I am so glad that God chose me to be Danny Young's daughter. I know Dad knew that I appreciated him, but if I could send him a thank you card in heaven, this is what it would say...

Thank you for taking us sledding, every single time it snowed.

Thank you for letting me think that I had the ability to stop the car while pulling into the garage, simply by pulling hard on the steering wheel.

Thank you for playing tickle monster every night before bed.

Thank you for passing along your creative gene, only now I don't know who will help me on my projects!

Thank you for supplying my friends and I with GIANT styrofoam packing peanuts to fill the truck bed of a boy's truck so that we could win the "boys vs. girls" war we had gotten ourselves into.

Thank you for teaching me to drive and maybe how to get speeding tickets.

Thank you for showing the world that bright colored jams and mismatched converse really can look cool.

Thank you for being as strict as you were, we hated it at times, but I think Mica and I both turned out pretty good.

Thank you for passing along your "perfectionist and the need to be in control" gene. It serves me well, most days.

Thank you for your unwavering faith and your strong influence on mine.

Thank you for always having a sense of humor or a wisecrack. Especially when Stephen asked to marry me and you replied, "Well, she could've done worse." I know that put him at ease.

Thank you for being such a graceful loser for the last 5 years in a row during our annual "Dad and Danee' Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Who Can Keep the Candle Burning the Longest After They Say to Blow It Out" game.

Thank you for fixing anything and everything that needed to be fixed.

Thank you for be willing to help us however and whenever you could with whatever we needed.

Thank you for sitting with us in a courtroom everyday for the 2 hardest weeks of our lives.

Thank you for being willing to come to Norman and drive around for 4 hours looking for our lost dog, Wrigley, a week after your 2nd round of chemo when you felt pretty terrible.

Thank you for loving Olive like she was the only thing that mattered in the entire world.

Thank you for fighting so hard to stay here with us, even though you were miserable.

Thank you for telling me you loved me the last time we saw each other.

Thank you for being an amazing Dad and Dano. We love you, the most and we will miss you everyday.

Love, Your Favorite, Right? Danee' "

We already miss him so much and it has only been 7 days. I know that the upcoming days, months and years will be hard without him, but I have faith that once again, God will get us through.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The "Ollie Crusher"

Stephen and Olive have a new game that they play called "Ollie Crusher" this game involves Olive being "crushed" by something, like a pillow, a blanket, or Daddy! They were playing this game on Saturday and I caught a few pictures of the action.

Daddy exclaims "Here comes the Ollie Crusher!"

She giggles wildly and it "crushes" her!
She LOVES it!

"Here it comes!"

I love how she is closing her eyes anticipating the "crush"

Then she flips the pillow back to him and the crushing begins again.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Olive is so LUCKY

Olive is so lucky to have a Daddy who...

Fell in love the moment he laid eyes on her!

Was wrapped around her finger from the first time he held her!

Gives her good kisses!

Takes her to the park!

Is so thankful for her!

Shows her how to be a fan!

Dances with her at the park and teaches her to love diverse music!

Shares his custard!

Helps her to explore and takes her fun places!

Helps her conquer fears and accomplish her goals!

Shares his birthday cake!

Teaches her about Jesus!

Likes to wrestle!

Bundles up to play in the snow!

Teaches her to love "OU"!

Wears silly hats that make her giggle!

Plays fun games!

Lets her touch bugs!

Loves her more than anything in the whole wide world!

Happy Father's Day Stephen! Olive is so blessed to have such an amazing Daddy! We love you!