Friday, December 30, 2011

Big Girl Bed

After a recent incident involving Olive escaping from her crib and ending up stuck in her hamper, we decided it was time to start talking to her about a big girl bed. We were going to move her straight into a full size bed, but we don't have the rails so we have to wait for them. We decided to go ahead and make it into a toddler bed and just see how it goes. We had been talking about it for a few days, but we decided to make the switch before nap time on Monday. Daddy worked on the bed while Olive and I ran a few errands. When we got home, he told her he had a surprise for her. She was pretty excited!
"Whoa! I can climb in by myself!"

Then it was time to start putting all of her stuff back in. Stephen was across the room and was tossing the stuff to her which she thought was hysterical. I love these pictures! First came Bob the monkey.
Then Stella. And yes, she is naked. No comment.
And pillow pet...
and glow worm...
and Sleep Sheep...
And last but not least, her Grammy blanket.She got it all situated and then said "Mommy, you come in my bed?"

She did great her first nap in the big girl bed and later we realized that she had done it without her pacifier! That night when she was going to bed she asked for it and I told her that it was in her baby bed and it was gone. She simply replied "oh, that's right." She has asked for it ever since, but has never broken down or cried. It is a miracle! I couldn't figure out how we were going to ever win that battle and it ends up, we didn't have to! She slept great her first night too and didn't get up that we know of. We talked a lot about how big girls stay in their bed and they don't get out until Mommy or Daddy come in the room. The next day, during her nap time I heard her up and went in and she had toys in her bed. I explained that if she got toys, I would have to take them away. By the tenth time I went in her room during that 1.5 hour period, these were all of the items that were removed from the bed...
Yes, that would include her laundry hamper and a baby doll stroller. She would just smile at me and calmly watch me carry them out of the room. At one point, she handed me something else and said "take this too, Mommy." I guess she knew she couldn't be trusted. I declared nap time over when I opened the door and immediately smelled Desitin, only to find her, baby Stella and the pillow pet COVERED in it. And for the record, it doesn't come out of fabric, imagine my excitement. The next morning when Stephen went in to get her, as soon as he opened the door she said "Uh oh! Mommy have to take my toys away" and this is what he found with her sitting in the middle...My favorite part of this picture is the boppy pillow! She dug it out of her closet the first night and uses it as a pillow! I guess she likes to be elevated! :) We obviously have a long way to go in learning not to hoard things in our bed, but she is sleeping great and loves her new found independence! I just can't believe she is so big!

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