Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve we went to the candle light service at Honey's church. It was really hard for us to be in that service without Dano. We went to his favorite restaurant, Los Amigos, after the service. Olive wanted to ride the "horses" that were actually saddles in the bar.
When we got back to Honey's it was necessary to make cookies to leave for Santa. She is becoming an expert at decorating cookies!
She asked Honey to help her with the decorating.
Daddy got to help too!
She grabbed one of the big cookies and took a bite. Then she realized it was for Santa and she started giggling! She took the cookie out of her mouth and put it back down to decorate. I am sure Santa really enjoyed that one!
Before bed, we had to say goodbye to Jovie. I knew she was going to be really sad when she woke up and Jovie was gone. This has been such a fun part of our day everyday during December.
"Bye Jovie! I love you!"
We couldn't wait to wake up the next morning!

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