Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Playing with Daddy

We have been spending lots of time at the we go basically every single day. Olive is so funny because when it is just her and I, she plays and wants me to watch her. When Daddy joins us, Olive insists on him doing everything with her. "Daddy! Slide with me!" And of course he jumps at the chance!

Love watching these two together!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy Day Fun!

It rained cats and dogs today and we decided to have a little fun in the rain. Olive and I built a boat out of an old frosting container and some popsicle sticks and then we bundled up and headed outside to try it out in the river that was rushing down our street. She was so excited!

Daddy explained how to place it into the river...
and let it go!

After a few minutes she figured out that splashing in the puddles was super fun too!

We went on the next street where lots of water was rushing and Daddy took the boat to the top and sent it back down to us.
This little lady was so happy!
Here are a few videos from our little rainy day adventure.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tulips 2012

Our friends the Berryhills, started a great tradition of taking pictures of their kiddos in the beautiful tulips on campus every spring. I noticed that they were blooming earlier this week, so today we set out for a little photo shoot. Here is our big girl "playing in the garden" as she said.

April 2012And for comparison sake (and to make me tear up), past pictures. Last year, the rain beat all of the tulips to death before we got a chance to take pictures, so we made do in our neighbor's back yard.
April 2011
April 2010
And a few more of my favorites from 2012...

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Run Lucky for Dano

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a link on facebook about a race going on that benefited the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I looked it up and it was taking place on Dad's birthday, so I knew we had to participate! It is a race where costumes are encouraged, but we went with simple "Super Dano" green shirts and silly hats. We had a great little team!
Lorelei, Eleanor and Olive were pumped to do the fun run!
Misty, Deanna, Anna and I ready to race!
Honey and Olive
Mom and Dad's precious friends, Eddie and Carol were on our team too!

The fun run racers...Stephen, Olive, Honey, Mica, Carol, Eddie, Isaac, Misty, Lorelei and Eleanor!
Deanna, Anna and I ran the 5k. Here we are at the end looking mighty beautiful!
It was Deanna and I's first 5K and we were all pleased with our race results. Anna had gotten a special cake so we ate it in the car after the race as the "finisher's cake". It was pretty chilly outside, so everyone else had already headed home. I bet they wish they would have stayed! When I got home, Olive ran to the door and said "Mommy! I am so proud of you! You won the parade!" Sweet girl, I guess it did kind of look like a parade!
That night she insisted on wearing her Dano shirt to bed over her jammies. I know that made him smile!
We had a great time and were thrilled to help the LLS raise $60,000 that will go toward helping another family not have to celebrate their Dad's birthday without him. I think he would be really proud. We miss him daily, and can't wait for the day we get to see him again in heaven. Happy Birthday Dano! We love you!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Science Museum

Dano's birthday would be tomorrow, so we decided to spend a fun day at the Science Museum with Honey and Mica today. Mica and I both remember taking field trips to the Omniplex with Dad as a parent sponsor and we have great memories of those trips. We thought it would be special to do something fun as a family, so off we went!
Olive was mesmerized by the moving ball exhibit. I thought we were going to spend the whole day staring at it! Then we headed into the "Kiddie area". Olive had a blast!

Next stop was the aquariums. She walked up to the tank and said "Oh hi fishie, it is nice to meet you!"
We decided to give the mirror maze a try...
but it didn't go so well and she slammed into a mirror thinking it was a hallway.Olive, Mica and Daddy made clouds!
They have a great area where you can build with blocks. Olive decided to work on the dog house. The highlight of the day was the train exhibit! She couldn't have been more excited about watching the toy trains. We stayed in this area for at least 30 minutes. She would run around the display until the train went into the tunnel and then would sprint back to the beginning to chase it again. She was the only girl in this area the whole time but she loved it!

She liked pushing buttons in the space exhibit.
And trying out the moon car.
A little Olive love for Honey and Mica!

To end the day, we watched money spiral down. Olive was fascinated!
We had a great time together!
When we got in the car, I said "who had fun at the museum today?" And she replied "I did!"
What a great day! We know tomorrow will be hard, but it was fun doing something all together!