Thursday, June 20, 2013

2 Months!

Somehow our sweet girl turned 2 months old on Father's Day! I seriously do not understand how this is possible!  This girl has turned me to mush with her sweet, snuglgy personality! She is still very content and pretty easy going.  The word that best describes her is joy!  She is very joyful and has brought so much joy into our hearts! We all adore her! 
Over the last month she has started smiling A LOT.  If you talk to her, you are almost guaranteed a big open mouth smile and she loves to "talk".  Olive and I seem to be in a constant competition for the most smiles!  She is a good little sleeper, Praise the Lord!  She goes down about 9 or 9:30 and typically sleeps until 4:30 or 5:00, not a full night yet, but nothing to complain about!  She isn't a very big fan of tummy time, but loves to lay on her play mat on her back.  I am estimating that she weighs about 11 pounds!  We go for her 2 month appointment next week so we will know for sure!  She is an outdoor girl and if she does get a little fussy, all we have to do is walk outside and she settles down!  She loves her bath and has the sweetest little look of contentment that comes over her face when you put her in.  I kind of went overboard with taking pics, but she is just so stinkin' cute!

 This one is my favorite, minus Daddy's "safety spotting" arm. 
Here are a few highlights from month #2!  
You wore sunnies for the first time!
 You did a lot of talking!
 You went to your first playdate and everyone wanted to hold you!
 You enjoyed being outside in the backyard wearing your super awesome new sun hat!
 And volunteered to work VBS! 
 You let sister read stories to you!
 You sat in your bumbo seat for the first time!  Mommy can't believe we are already ready for that!
 You went swimming for the first time at Pop's and loved it!  I will do a full post about this!
We love you so much and can't wait to see all of the changes that happen during month 3!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Super Daddy!

Father's Day was Sunday and we were so excited to celebrate Super Daddy!  These two ladies are so blessed to have him as their Daddy!  He always knew he was made to have boys and to teach them to play baseball and be tough, but these girls have got him convinced they are better than any boy! :)  He has become a pro at tea parties, knows all of the princesses by name and can sing and dance with the best of them.  Thank you Stephen for being such an incredible Daddy to our little girls.  We are all so blessed!

Nora Kate's Sip and See

A few weeks ago, my wonderful friends hosted a Sip and See for Nora Kate! I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life!  And Nora Kate and Olive are so blessed to be friends with all of their children!  I really dropped the ball on taking pictures of the day.  Like these are pretty much the only pics I took.  I hate that I wasn't able to better capture all of the sweet friends who came to celebrate our precious blessing!
 Deanna, Misty, Anna, and Julie
Auntie Mica and Honey

Thank you for taking time to celebrate Nora Kate with us!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Olive's First Dance Recital

Our sweet little dancer was so excited for her dance recital a few weeks ago! She couldn't wait to wear her new fancy costume! The night before as we were tucking her into bed (at 11:00 because of the crazy weather and having a house full of friends taking cover!) she just kept staring at the ceiling and then in a very high pitched, scared little voice, she said "I'm really scared!"  Bless her heart!  We had a big talk about what it means to be nervous and how Mommy and Daddy have both felt nervous too!  The next day she was ready to dance!
 She did such a great job! We were so proud!  I can't get the videos to upload, but it was darling!  Her cheering squad was all there to see her perform!

Thank you to Ms. Felicia and Modern Dance Arts for making her first year of dance a fun and enjoyable one!  We can't wait for next year!