Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Olive's Park

Olive has been wanting a "park" in her backyard for a long time and that dream has finally come true!  It took several steps to get ready...
Step 1: grass removed!  She kept telling people that "Caesar and his guys got the ground ready!"

 Step 2: Get the posts!

Step 3: Begin the build! Our wonderful friend Eric took on the task of building it and we couldn't have been more grateful!  When we got home from the myriad gardens, Eric had it half way put together and she was SO SO EXCITED!
 Step 4: Picking up the slide
And then it was READY!
 This picture shows just how happy she is!
We have spent lots of time playing at the park and couldn't love it more!

The Myriad Gardens

The weekend before school started we decided to take a little family trip to the Myriad Gardens for the day! It was so fun to take this time to explore and enjoy time together! Olive is so in to flowers and butterflies right now, so we knew she would love it!
 She was going through full speed looking at everything and pointing out every color of flower.  She couldn't wait to check out the waterfall!

 Feeding the ducks!

 Then Olive convinced Stephen they needed to climb this big hill!
 After exploring the gardens, we headed to the Thunder splash pad.  It has been closed every other time we have been down there, so she was so excited to get to play!
 She was hesitant at first...
 but then she was all in!
After splashing, we sat down for some lunch.  These three have my heart!
 O is for Olive!
 We had such a great time!