Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Visit #1...Christmas Eve Morning

Olive must have been really good this year, because Santa came to see her twice! He came a day early to our house and delivered some special things! She was so relieved to see that Jovie was still at our house.
I thought it was so funny that there was this huge present in the middle of the room and she grabbed the smallest present under the tree to open first.
Dora books!
And still ignoring the big present and opening another book...
Finally after some coaxing, she chose to open the big one!
A trampoline! She hopped on and screamed "Thank you Santa!"
I wish you could hear the squeals that were happening during these pictures!
She was so sweet to want Stephen to open presents, she kept taking them to him.
And only after a lot of pleading from Daddy did she bring one to Mommy! :)
So excited to make donuts with Daddy with her new donut maker!
Then it was stocking time, which of course, took place on the trampoline!

Biggest hit of the day...the $3 "lip glop" from TJ Maxx! She puts on every color one at a time.
Then she had to do a little coloring with her Minnie markers in her new notepad.
And she made Daddy's Christmas when she said "I make OU." and she really had!
There were 2 more presents to open that we had saved for last!She was so excited! She squealed "my train! a train!"
After she opened the set, I went out and got the "train trundle" that Stephen and I made for the train to go on. We originally were going to make a small square to fit on her window seat because we don't have space for a train table, but they don't make train tracks very small. So instead, we made this "train trundle" that we are going to put under her bed to pull out when she wants to play with it. I think it turned out perfect!

She loved it! We had a wonderful Christmas eve morning and were looking forward to more celebrating with family!

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