Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We started out the New Year saying goodbye to my sweet Granny. She had lived a wonderful 89 years and was ready to be reunited with her parents, my Grandaddy and my Dad. I love visualizing her running through the pearly gates and meeting them on the other side! We laughed that they asked her what took her so long and what she was making for supper. She was such a sweet and spunky lady. I loved listening to her tell stories. My favorite story she told was about when they would go to visit her grandparents for Christmas. She said that they would load up in their Model T Ford and that Mama Kate (her mom) would warm bricks up in the stove for Granny and Dessie to put under their feet to keep their feet warm. My Dad used to talk about how Granny was always cautious and looked out for them. When they would have to go to the storm shelter during a storm, she would make Dad and his brother wear their football helmets outside so they wouldn't get hit in the head with giant hail! My all time favorite story was when my Dad was in the first grade. Pink eye was going around and the rumor at school was that you got it from looking at someone who had it. Dad came down with it and he told Granny that was how he got it. She made him wear sunglasses around until they went to the doctor to keep anyone else from getting it! Everytime Dad told this story, he would laugh until he cried! Not only was Granny a cautious and wonderful mother, she was a great example of faith to all around her. She was such a special lady. In July, she went into a nursing home and Olive and I went to see her every Thursday. We only missed one Thursday because Olive was sick. I know she really looked forward to those visits, but we did too. Olive loved going to see Gigi. Every week, we would load her up in the wheelchair and go on a little walk. Olive knows how to lock the wheelchair wheels, how to help Gigi up and how to push. These were such special times and I am so thankful that Olive will forever have these memories. We know she is better off and so happy in heaven, but you can't help but miss her!

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