Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas in Branson

The day after Christmas, we loaded up and headed over to Branson to spend some time with the Guncles. Olive had never made the trip before, but she did great in the car! They had presents waiting for her too and she was thrilled to open them !Proudly wearing her new velour Puma jacket

New jammies!! Hooray!
Getting some love from Guncle Chris

Helping Guncle Shawn open his present.
She made peace with their animals, she just didin't know what to do when they wanted to share her food! :)
That afternoon, we went shopping at Branson Landing, an outdoor shopping center. There was a "Build a Bear Workshop" and the guncles wanted to do this with Olive.
Picking out just the right one...
I am not sure what she is doing in this picture, but I think it is hysterical!
Stepping on the pedal to fill the bunny with stuffing.
Picking out a special heart
Putting the heart in
Giving the bunny a bath
Thank you Guncle Chris and Guncle Shawn! I love my special bunny!
We met Stephen's high school friend, Todd, and his family for dinner. I am so upset that I didn't get a picture of everyone at dinner. It was great spending time with Todd, Erica, Cole and Beau. We left the next day to come home. It was a short visit, but we had a great time! Thanks Chris and Shawn for having us. Merry Christmas!

Christmas At Dano and Honey's

Christmas afternoon, we went over to Dano and Honey's house. It was a great celebration! Olive , of course was the center of attention and loved every second of it. Her present pile was double or triple anyone else's! We knew we were going to be in trouble when Honey called and told us we may need to bring 2 cars!
Our little family of three
Gigi with Auntie M, Isaac, Stephen, Olive and I
Dano and Honey with their favorite little girl
Let the craziness begin!!
Dano and Honey got her this activity cube which helped keep her occupied so that everyone else could open presents.
"Here Gigi, let me show you how to do it."
New jammies and a robe!

A Rody Horse!

About half way through opening, Olive started laying her head down like she was exhausted!
Mommy's favorite present...The shark steam mop!
Daddy's favorite present...a new shop vac!
Auntie M and Isaac got her the cutest little elephant to ride on!
She started riding...
and riding...
and riding!
Checking out her stocking. Granny made her stocking last Christmas to match our's and I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you Gigi for all of your hard work on the stocking.
Then it was time to play "Dano Clause"!
Silly Daddy wearing Olive's hat that she refused to wear.

We had a great Christmas with the Young side of the family. Thank you for all of our wonderful gifts. We love you guys!

Christmas Morning

We slept in Christmas morning and waited for little Miss to get up to see if Santa had come. She was so excited when she walked into the living room and there were MORE presents! I think that she thought she had opened them all the night before.

I was so excited about this tent! I just knew she would love it, and then she was too scared to even get in!

She had to take a little break from presents to play with her nativity.
Back at it...this girlie LOVES clothes!
Daddy tried to coax her into the tent...
and was successful!
Then we had to check out her stocking!
What a great Christmas morning! Later we were on to Dano and Honey's house to celebrate Christmas with them.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve With Pop!

Pop came down on Christmas Eve to celebrate! I didn't think our living room was going to be able to hold all of the presents he brought with him.
"Hey Pop! What is it?"

Poor Wrigley is going to have to watch her back...
This little lady loves clothes! I wonder where she gets it?!

A tea set!! Oh boy!
Helping Daddy open a present.
We had left 2 presents in the other room on purpose, but she followed Daddy into the kitchen and was so excited to come back with her very own shopping cart!

"Here Pop, I will help you."
After all of the gifts were opened, we all sat down for a tea party.

There were so many boxes everywhere, Olive resorted to climbing over them to get where she was going.
This is our attempt at a picture of Stephen, Pop and Olive in front of the tree. It is better than no picture, I guess!

Merry Christmas Pop! Thank you for all of the exciting presents. You're the best Pop in town.