Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wrigley is FOUR!

Our sweet Wrigley turned 4 on Friday but because our lives have been a little crazy, we didn't get to celebrate until Sunday. At first we thought she wouldn't mind us pushing it back a few days, but after all of the dirty looks, loud sighs and growls, we realized that she really wasn't okay with it. Poor girl. We tried to make it really special, but apparently Olive wasn't in the party mood, so it was a little rushed.

The annual party hat picture (which she hates)
Singing "Happy Birthday"

For her gift, we got her a new set of bowls. The black was a little plain, so I let Olive pick out paint colors and paint it. I didn't realize until it was finished how "Rockin' 80's" it looked. Oh well, Wrigley doesn't mind!

She also got a new squeaky tennis ball!

We had a surprise on Saturday night when Deanna called and said that she had something she needed to bring us (at 10:30 at night). I couldn't have been more surprised to see this beautiful painting of Wrigs when she got here! She had taken a class with our friend Jill at a place in Edmond and they were doing a guided pet portrait night. Since Deanna and Adrian's sweet dog Abby went to heaven, she decided to paint Wrigley! We love it!

Thanks Aunt D for the super special birthday present!

Happy Birthday Wrigley! Thanks for being the most patient and loving big sister Olive could ever hope for! We love you THE MOST!

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