Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Little Math Nerd

Olive has a slight obsession with numbers and counting. Luckily this comes naturally to her, because Stephen and I are both "word" people, not "number" people. I give credit to Team Umi Zoomi for developing her love of numbers and all things math. She counts all the time and loves to point out numbers on signs at the store, on a walk, etc. Her new favorite toy goes right along with the number obsession...

Mommy's giant pink calculator!
She will play for hours (well, minutes) with this thing! I asked her to say cheese and this is what I got. ??????

The calculator usually ends up sitting with her books at night because instead of reading at bedtime now she likes to play numbers.

That way when she wakes up in the morning, she knows just where to find it. This morning, she sat down with her milk, looked over and said "Good morning numbers!"

She likes to play a game with Daddy where she points to him and says "where da ___?" It took him a few times to realize that she wasn't asking him where the numbers were, she was wanting him to ask her where they were. Maybe numbers will help her get a college scholarship someday, I don't see basketball in her future! At least it will impress her kindergarten teacher! :)

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  1. Well isn't that the cutest calculator ever!!! I kinda wanna get myself one like that! ;o) You've got an adorable little girl. Sounds like she's gonna grow up to be a little smartie pants! :o)

    xoxo, Sarah Kate