Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy "Dueday" Mica!

Auntie Mica's birthday was on Tuesday and we all wanted to make it really special. Olive and I went up to her work and took her to lunch. The whole way there I was practicing with Olive "Happy Birthday Mica!" We get there and she says "Happy Dueday Mica!" and has continued to say it all week! We pretended that we hadn't heard of any plans for doing a family celebration. Little did she know, Uncle Isaac had already made plans for us to all surprise her at Hideaway Pizza for supper! All of her favorite peeps were able to help her celebrate!

The birthday girl with the cheesiest smile ever! Ryan and Olive discovered they could play peek a boo with their chairs, which they thought was hysterical!

Olive enjoying her new obsession...styrofoam cups. This was cup #2 of 3 for the night.

Her special homemade card

Uncle Isaac (the surprise master) lighting all of the candles.

Can't wait to dig into the deliciousness!

Having her cake and eating it too!

Maddie and Mica enjoying the yummy cake!

Carol even helped Olive get in on the cake action. They are permanently besties now!

Olive and I and the birthday girl!

We hope your day was great! Happy Birthday Mica!

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