Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Second Annual "Not on the Fourth" Fourth of July Party!

We had the Second Annual "Not on the Fourth" Fourth of July party on Sunday evening at the Beverage's house. It was a great time with fun, food and fireworks! All day when I was telling Olive what we were doing, all she would say was "Molly Grady park" and that is the first thing she wanted to do...play on their new swing set!

These three little ladies had fun times swinging.

Then a little sidewalk chalking...

Olive and Lillian are so silly together. It is so fun to watch them interact because they do things so the other one will do it and then they crack up at themselves. For instance, playing on the empty splash pad...

After we ate dinner, we decided to try to get a group picture. We knew this was going to be a disaster, but we wanted to try anyways! It was a 3rd of July MIRACLE! They all sat and smiled!

Grady, Olive, Molly, Campbell, Lillian, Anna

Then we let them all put on their swimsuits and get in the water! They were so excited!

Grady wanted to show off his muscles for the ladies!

"How you doin'?"

Then someone said the word "cookie" and they all lined up on the porch! Look at these faces filled with anticipation!

Jules makes the best cookies! YUM!

After getting their much needed nourishment, it was sparkler time! Molly held the inagural sparkler like a pro! Lil getting in on the action!

Daddy and Olive with their 3 sparklers. She was a little more enthused when there was only one.

Yeah Olive!

After all that hard work, these two girls needed some refreshing water,

and giggles!

Family picture time!

Our wonderful hosts, the Beverage family

All the ladies

Thank you friends for a fun night!

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