Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today is Brought To You By The Letter "S"

Today we had a fun filled Summer day with our Special friends the Beverages! We spent the morning on a mini road trip to find the best Splash pad and enjoyed splashing around and playing. The girls weren't really all that into the water pouring down on their heads, but more into running around in the water screaming! Grady was pretty unimpressed with the splash pad, but humored us anyways and would smile from time to time. After the splash pad, D had the greatest idea...let's get a tasty treat...a Sno cone! The Sno cone stand only has one picnic table and it wasn't shaded, but never fear, we had our own umbrella in the car! (We won't mention that at one point, because of the wind, the umbrella was ripped from the table and FLEW over the sno cone stand causing panic and for D to go running with Grady in her arms toward the road to prevent any accidents. All ended well and the umbrella ended up safe on the table) D, Grady and Molly waiting in line!
Then Grady came and joined us at the table to help hold down the umbrella. Seriously, could he be any sweeter? Forget the sno cone, I could gobble him up with a spoon!

Molly was excited about her chocolate sno cone, but wasn't sure what to think of the sour straw!

Digging in!

This was Olive's very first sno cone experience and the sno cone girl suggested a "Princess" flavor for the first timer!

At first, she couldn't quite figure out the proper scooping technique.

and it ended up splashing her in the eyes. Which she thought was hysterical!!

Once she figured it out, she LOVED it. Bless her heart, it was melting as fast as she could scoop. I think more ended up down the front of her than in her mouth, but she didn't seem to mind.

Me and my Sweet Girl!

(Please excuse the splash pad, wind blown hair)

I love this picture! Molly is looking at her like "Why are you dripping that everywhere?!"


We had a Sweet, Sticky, Sunny, Super, Splashing Day! Thanks friends!

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