Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Surprise!!

When I was growing up, our family went to Daylight Donuts every Sunday on the way to church. Stephen walked in yesterday morning with a special surprise!
Olive has only had 2 donuts in her life (I know, we are terrible parents who deprive her) and neither one of them was at home. So this was her first donut at home!

She liked the donut, but wasn't sure what to think about her hands getting so sticky!

Being the smart girl that she is, she decided to try a different way to avoid sticky hands. I like her thinking!

"Okay, maybe if I try little tiny bites"

"Nope! Still sticky!"

"Okay, mind over matter. I can do this!"

"I think I can, I think I can..."


Even with spending most of the time worried about her sticky hands, she still seemed to enjoy her donut!

It was lip smacking good!

Thank you Daddy for the yummy, but sticky, Sunday morning surprise!

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