Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meet Roger, the Swimming Giraffe

Last year, we didn't have the best of luck with the backyard swimming pool and poor Olive was traumatized by the experience...This year, we took a little bit smarter approach. We set the pool up yesterday and let her look at it and walk around it and then gave it a try today. Here they are checking it out.

At first she wasn't exactly thrilled and insisted on being held. Then her Daddy had the idea to lure her with her new favorite item, golf balls!
It didn't take her long to warm up and start having a fun time!
Every time she would lean down close to the water, she would stick out her tongue.

The pool has a little slide which she went down once and liked but didn't want to try again. Instead, she liked rolling the golf balls down the slide.
Bubbles in the pool was another win by Daddy!
She looked over at the giraffe on the pool and said "Hi Roger", so apparently the giraffe's name is Roger. She like playing with his nose. Maybe someday soon we will let her know that his nose is actually a sprinkler.
Giving Roger kisses.

We love Roger and the swimming pool! Here is to many more afternoons in the pool!

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