Saturday, June 11, 2011

TallGrass Also Has A New Supervisor

Yesterday, Stephen and his guys were mowing our yard. Olive heard the lawn mowers the minute they started and went running to the window to watch "Daddy work". She stood up in the chair to watch them in the backyard. She kept saying "Good job Marcos!"

She watched intently the whole time they were in the backyard. When they moved to the front yard, she moved to the dining room to watch.

And then to the front windows.

She was yelling "Hi Marcos! Good job!"

She was so excited when I pulled up the blinds so he could see her!

I think Stephen should hire her as a new supervisor, she had a close eye on them the whole time they were working. This morning when I went to open the blinds, she said "I see Marcos and Suess" (also known as Jesus).

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