Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday Dano Style Part 3

Today's Throwback Thursday memory is so vivid to me even though I was only in Kindergarten.  Growing up we only had one car, so when I was in Kindergarten, Dad would come home at lunch time to pick me up and take me to school and then I rode the bus home.  Everyday I would sit with my backpack on ready to go! I loved it because it was just me and him in the car.  Well, one day he got caught up at work and wasn't able to come get me.  So I missed school.  I was DEVASTATED.  With all of the dramatic nonsense we have been experiencing at our house these days, I can only imagine the mess my Mom had on her hands with me that day!  I remember her putting me in the bathtub to try to calm me down and I just laid in the tub and cried.  I must have thought that he had forgotten me forever or something.  When he came home that afternoon, I wouldn't talk to him and I would imagine it was several days before I became his friend again.  That was the only time I think I missed school the entire year!

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