Friday, March 8, 2013

Throwback Day After Thursday Dano Style Part 4

I have been a little mixed up and woke up to realize that it's Friday and I missed my post yesterday.  Oops!  Today's memory of my Dad shows how he always took the time to be involved with Mica and I.  When our elementary school classes would go on field trips, he would always go with us!  The other kids thought this was super cool because typically it is the Mom who goes.  It also meant that we usually had "that" kid in our group because the teacher would think "oh, a Dad is coming, I can give him the hard kid".  But we always had so much fun!  I have vivid memories of trips to the zoo and the omniplex with him.  And he loved singing the song "Going to the Zoo" and thought it was funny to sing it anytime we talked about the zoo! 

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