Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Works In Progress Dance Performance

Olive's Works in Progress performance at her dance studio was a couple of weeks ago.  We were so excited to have the opportunity to watch her dance again and to see if she had figured out how to pay attention a little better! :) Her studio puts on this performance in their studio and invites parents of several classes at a time so that the dancers can get a little taste of performing in front of an audience before the big recital in June.  Our little dancer really wanted new pink tights like her friend Cameran's before the performance!

 We could tell she was overwhelmed when she walked in and there were so many people, but she found us and gave us a big wave and smile before they started their dance. 
 At one point in the song, the second row is supposed to go forward.  Only one little girl remembered, the rest of them waited until the first row started moving and then they all went too.  It was hysterical.

 Time for tapping to "I'm a Little Teapot"

We were so proud of our little dancer and can't wait for her recital in June!

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