Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Doggy Pond

We used to be really great dog parents. We frequented the dog park and took Wrigley on long walks whenever we could. Then Olive came and poor Wrigley has become a little attention deprived. Or she would have you believe that she is. She gets lots of attention, we just don't do the fun things as much as we used to with her. Thursday was a really pretty day and Stephen was off work early, so we loaded up to go to the dog park and let Wrigley swim in the pond.
Olive had never seen Wrigley swim before and she was beyond excited about it! She clapped and cheered for her "sister"!
Then she wanted to help throw the ball.
To let Wrigley dry off, we went on a little walk on the path into the park. Olive spotted the "forest" and wanted to go check it out. We found a little bird's nest in one of the trees and she was so excited until she realized there were no baby birds in it. Olive loved helping to dry Wrigley with the towels. She has become such a helper these days!

Sweet Wrigley was the happiest dog in town. She has been sleeping a lot the last few days, I think she is still recovering from the excitement.

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