Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Big Poppy

Monday night I got to celebrate my birthday with some of my favorite friends! We went to the greatest little place in Edmond called Paint Your Art Out. Everyone gets to create a masterpiece of their own with a guided instruction from the owner. I have mentioned before my true desire to be an artist. Let's just say that once again it was confirmed that desire doesn't create skill.
It is the cutest little studio and they had everything ready for us when we got there!
We had yummy snacks and special birthday Julie cookies that were so adorable and delicious!
I had gotten to choose what we were going to paint and I opted for a
Georgia O'Keefe inspired "Big Poppy".
Everyone getting started!
I got to wear the special birthday apron which was zebra print. Since I was already wearing a leopard cardigan, I pretty much looked like a walking safari.
Working on backgrounds...
I loved seeing how different they all came out!
Here is Misty's masterpiece!
Kimi's masterpiece
Deanna's masterpiece
Anna's masterpiece
Andrea the professional's masterpiece
Shannon's masterpiece
My masterpiece
Traci's masterpiece
Somehow Julie got out of having an individual picture.
Aren't they beautiful?!
Thanks friends for the fun night!

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