Monday, February 6, 2012

A New Adventure

We have started a new little adventure...Mommy is running! This is a pretty big deal because until the beginning of January, I hadn't run at all since my last day of softball practice my Senior year of high school. (we won't mention in years how long ago that was, just to make me feel better) I had run so much in athletics that I really didn't ever care to do it again. It seems like in the last few years everyone I know has started running and they all love it and claim that you get bit by the "running bug" after your first race. I have always been skeptical, especially of any bug biting me. Then at the beginning of January, I got a message from a girl at church who was encouraging a large group of women to run the memorial marathon in April. Of course, I thought, "wow, yeah right. Why would she send this to me?!" In fact, I responded that I firmly believed the only reason to run was if you were being chased. Then someone mentioned the relay. You are on a team, you only run part of it. This intrigued me. I called 4 friends who I knew would think I was crazy a little, but that would say yes to doing this with me. And so our team was born...Me, Deanna, Anna, Misty and Jill! Olive has become my little training partner and on our running days she thanks Jesus for "running time" during her nightly prayers. Luckily the weather hasn't been terrible so it has been nice to be outside. The first day, we met Deanna and her kiddos to run together. It was seriously 38 degrees outside. BRRRRR!!!! But we made it!
Day 1...Here we go!
The Beverages all bundled and ready to go! Doesn't Grady look thrilled?!
For some reason, Olive has insisted that Gardenia, her rabbit, goes with us every time. I strap her in and we hit the road!
Some days it takes a little longer than others and the best way to ride is like this...
And yes, she is wearing mismatched shoes, it was a battle not worth fighting when we left the house. She is also wearing a princess skirt, you just can't see it. She has enjoyed accessorizing herself for these little adventures. It isn't uncommon for her to wear a tutu or crown for "running time".
One day last week, she decided to help me stretch!

I am hoping to survive the race! And I have to admit that I have really started enjoying it. If it is above 45 degrees, that is.

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