Saturday, March 10, 2012

Honey's Birthday "Party"

Honey's birthday was Thursday and we wanted to make it really special. Olive has been talking for weeks about "Honey's party". Last Saturday, Olive went to Honey's house and she told Stephen she was going to start Honey's birthday. She also informed Honey that at her party, there would be a brown and blue cake. So, Thursday we got to work to create Honey's party. Olive got to decorate the cake however she wanted...
And place the candles however she wanted...

As soon as Honey got to our house, Olive started yelling, "Come here Honey! I make you party! It's in here!" And insisted that Honey come check out the dining room.
We had a yummy supper!
Then it was time to open presents. Olive thought Honey needed a little help.

Then it was time for cake! Hooray!
Wrigley even gave Honey special snuggles for her birthday!
Happy Birthday Honey! We hope you enjoyed your "party"!

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