Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Is NOT A Made Up Holiday

Valentine's Day. I have never hated Valentines Day, but I never really loved it either. Until this year. This year, I was offended by the people who call it a retail holiday. I was offended by the people who say "we show love all year, not just one day." Bull.
It's a DAY to CELEBRATE LOVE!!!! People! It says in the Bible "the greatest of these is love." And we are given an entire day to celebrate that! Do I love my family on other days and show them this love? Of course, but we are given an excuse to go beyond that, to celebrate love! And we did just that! I mean, how can you not celebrate when these are some of the ones you love??I love these two so much my heart could burst! I am so blessed and grateful to be given the opportunity to spend an entire day fully focused on sharing with them how much I love them. Happy Valentine's Week...go share the love!

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