Thursday, February 9, 2012

Olive's Book Nook

Our house was built in the early 50's and with it comes lots of great built ins and storage. We have a closet in our back family room that we have converted into a toy closet for Olive, and inside that closet is another closet that we just had random stuff in. I had been wanting to make it a useful space for a while, but it is really small so we couldn't think of anything...until I was searching pinterest one night and found these book shelves. We decided to turn it into a little "book nook" for Olive! It is one of those spaces that unless you know it is there, you would never know existed which makes it even more fun! Here she is pre-transformation...
We measured, made a list and headed to our favorite place...The Home Depot!
Daddy got right to work building the shelves. Those of you who knew my Dad know that he was the ultimate DIY guy. He could pretty much fix or make anything and it was always done to perfection. This is one of those projects he would have LOVED to have helped with. My Mom brought down several of Dad's tools that we needed and Stephen used those to work on the shelves. It was kind of like he was helping all the way from heaven.
Stephen did a great job building the shelves and installing them very securely just in case anyone ever comes up with the idea to climb on them.
While Daddy worked on the shelves, I painted the room a bright yellow that Olive had picked out herself. I also went to work making pillowcases for a few pillows for seating. Olive saw the first one and immediately claimed it for her bed! Now I am making a new one for her bed, so she will return this one.
Shelves installed and ready for books!
We hung a chalkboard on the wall that used to be a part of an easel in my classroom.
Ready to be used! She thinks it is pretty great!
"Look at all my books!"

It is a great place to start your day! Happy Reading little one!

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