Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snow Day!

We have had an unbelievably mild winter so when the weatherman said snow was in the forecast, we were actually excited! We got maybe an inch Sunday night and by the time Olive got out of school on Monday it was almost all gone, but we bundled up to try to play anyways! Daddy spent most of the afternoon moving snow from the back yard and putting it in the front yard so she would have enough to make a snowman. She was so funny about it this year!
"Hey guys! Did you see the snow?"
"Wow! Daddy! Thanks for all the extra snow!"

"That snow is neat and all but did you see these puddles?!"

When she was finished puddle jumping, we attempted to paint in the snow. Mommy couldn't find any good squirty bottles, so we opted for a paint brush and she was pretty content.

We hope that you were able to enjoy the snow too! Maybe we will get some more before spring so we can actually play in it.

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