Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome Home Dano!

We had a fun celebration supper Saturday night to celebrate my Dad getting to come home! Olive and I went to Homeland to get a cake and I asked the lady to write "Welcome Home Dano" on the cake. Little did I know she had the shakiest-old lady-my kindergartener's could do better-handwriting EVER! When I saw it, all I could do was laugh! Isn't it terrible? But it tasted good! Honey had gotten Olive a new coloring book and big box of crayons, so Auntie M and Ollie spent most of the evening on the floor coloring!
It was exhausting!
We are so happy he is home!
Olive kissed his "owie" and I know it made it feel much better!

Welcome Home Dano! We Love You!

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  1. Oh my the writing is horrid! Ma' may be time to find another job....