Wednesday, February 9, 2011

18 months

On Sunday, Olive turned 18 months old! 18 months! That is a year and a half! We can't believe it! She has been filling our lives with joy for 18 months now and it just keeps getting better and better!

We went to see Dr. Kuhl's for her 18 month well visit today, and I am happy to tell you that she is FINALLY over 20 pounds! Sweet girl weighs a whopping 21 pounds which puts her in the 8th percentile. She is 30.5 inches long, which is the 19th percentile.
Here are a few other "highlights" of what she is doing at 18 months:
*becoming an even pickier eater (if that was possible)
*runs everywhere she goes
*is climbing like crazy and can get herself on and off of most furniture
*has found a new love for stacking objects, blocks, coffee canisters, toys, really anything she can find
*can almost count to 10 on her own! 7 and 8 get left out a lot
*loves to sing along to songs
*LOVES to dance
*attempts to jump and looks pretty funny doing it
*will try to repeat anything you ask her to, our favorite word to ask her to say is "trapezoid" it is so funny to hear her say it!
*has a big vocabulary that seems to get bigger everyday
*says 2 and 3 word phrases
*recognizes the shapes oval and star
*LOVES playing with her friends
*likes to assert her will and will fight to get her way (you get what I am nicely saying, right?)
*likes to brush her teeth while sitting in the bathroom floor
*is obsessed with "Momma's rone" (Momma's phone) and the remote
*loves to drink milk
*has a crazy southern accent and we aren't sure where it came from when saying a lot of words, for example, she says "my meeelk" in a sweet southern belle sort of way everytime she wants milk.
*likes to play with balls and has quite the arm
*LOVES Wrigley
Happy Year and A Half Birthday Olive Kay! We love you the most!

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