Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmaggedon--Day One

Well, they said we were going to have a blizzard and they were right! We heard ice pellets beating on the windows when we went to bed Monday night and then Tuesday we woke up to a snowy white windy wonderland.
What do you want to do today, Olive Kay? Stay in our jammies and play! Okay!
Watchin' a little "Team Umi Zoomi"
Eating a yummy breakfast!
Playing, playing, and playing some more!
Rolling the ball with Daddy!
Wrigley was the only one to brave the snow. We watched her from inside!
Then we did a little coloring.
Sweet girl saw her jean jacket and insisted on wearing it after her nap!
Lunch time! Don't let the smile on her face fool you, mac-n-cheese is usually her staple, but she decided that she wasn't going to eat it. So, she ate dried fruit and a piece of turkey instead.
AAHHH!! When will the eating war end?
Then she rode a horse...
and another horse...
and a "Daddy" horse!
We had such a fun day staying inside and playing! We are out again on Wednesday, so who knows what we will do! If the wind chill isn't -16, maybe we will try to play in the snow. Hope your family is safe and warm!

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