Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowmaggedon--Day Two

On our second snow day, we decided that playing in the snow was a good idea! During Olive's nap, Daddy went to Walmart (yes, you read that correctly, Stephen went to Walmart!) and found Ollie the perfect pink snow boots! When she woke up, she couldn't wait to put them on and try them out.

Then it was time to start putting on the layers over her jammies...

You will notice that she isn't wearing gloves, this is not a negligent mistake on our parts. She Would Not Wear Them! In fact, she freaked out when we tried to cover her hands. So in an effort to at least enjoy the snow a little, we decided that we wouldn't stay out long.
She thought it was pretty great...
and then this step tripped her up a little bit, sending both bare hands
straight into the freezing snow...
making for a very unhappy snow bunny!
She settled down enough to get down and watch Wrigley trying to eat a snowball,
and to pose with Daddy!

Daddy made a special "sled" for Olive out of a giant rubbermaid container.
"In you go!"
She didn't want to sit down, but she liked it!

Because of the refusal to wear gloves, our snow adventure only lasted a total of 5 minutes. Maybe we will try again when the temperature is above 10 degrees!

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