Monday, February 21, 2011

Super Dano Blood Drive!

This past Saturday, we had a blood drive to benefit my Dad. We are SO incredibly grateful for all of the people who came and gave blood on Saturday and for those who just came to show support and help! We are also so thankful for those people who have gone to donate in his name on their own time. Words can't express how thankful we are! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

A special thank you to Misty for coordinating everything with the OBI, it wasn't an easy task!
Deanna made fliers to help spread the word...aren't they cute!
Mica was such a great greeter and sign in sheet monitor!
We raffled a brick from the original O'Connell's building in Norman that is currently being demolished. The bricks are really neat and will go on sale this week! (Contact Stephen Link if you are interested in getting one) Al Rico, the first donor of the day, was also the first raffle entry and he ended up winning the brick!
Oh and how awesome are the shirts?! Deanna found an etsy shop, where you can create an image and she emails it to you and then you print it on iron-on paper and iron it on any shirt! And when sweet April, the owner, found out what the image was for, she gave it to us for free.
We had so many wonderful friends come show support!
Honey and Mica busily worked the sign in table with their special little assistant!
Adrian can't wait to donate!
Some of the wonderful donors...THANK YOU!
And seriously, only the Mashburn ladies could look this pretty while giving blood!!
There was also a man there who was helping people sign up to be on the bone marrow registry...
We really can't thank you enough for the amazing support!If you were unable to come on Saturday, but are still interested in donating, you can go to any OBI location and give blood in his name. All you have to do is tell them that you would like your donation credited to Danny Young of Yukon and they can look up his information in the system. Thank you!

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