Monday, February 14, 2011

It's A Love Day!

We had a simple and fun Valentines Day that was full of love!
My Valentines! I think I have the best valentines in the whole world.
I could not love them more!How cute is this little heart booty?!
Olive got mail today! A Valentine from Dano and Honey and one from Gigi too!
There was money in the card which she immediately carried in and put in her piggy bank. Then she tried to put the whole Valentine in...
I walked out of the room and then heard paper ripping and went back in to see her ripping the envelope into tiny pieces and putting it in the bank! Smart thinking!

She made a special Valentine for Daddy. "Here go Daddy"
It is now proudly displayed on the refrigerator.
Even though we agreed not to do much for Valentine's Day, Stephen blew me away with these beautiful roses when I got home. I told Olive that the white carnations could be her's but the roses were mine. :)
We got Olive an Elmo Valentine book, which she looked at for .2 seconds and then went and got the Hungry Caterpillar. She did hum the Elmo song that her little Elmo doll sings while she was looking at it though.
I hope that your day was filled with love as well!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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