Monday, September 13, 2010

Wee Cubs

We had heard from several friends about the great toddler gymnastics class at Bart Conner's Gymnastics Academy. We thought that jumping and climbing and running around like crazy sounded like something right up Olive's aisle and boy were we right! She loved it! There were 3 other little girls in her class and I am sad to say we were the only one not in a leotard! Aaah! We will fix that before next class. When we first got there, we went into the big gym and they got to run on the "air track". Olive wasn't so sure at first, but once she started, we couldn't stop her!

Run Ollie Run!

Then we moved into the "preschool gym" area. There are lots of different stations set up with different equipment where they can play. She tried out just about everything. Don't let this picture fool you, she wouldn't go through the tunnel, she just peeked through.

Trying out the rings

She thought this hill was a slide, she would sit at the top and say "Whee!"
The last activity was playing in the foam pit. She LOVED every second of this! I would just throw her back and she would shriek and laugh.
When I was trying to climb out of the pit, Stephen was standing on the side talking to "some guy". I couldn't figure out why he wasn't helping me out, until he introduced Olive to her first gold medalist, Mr. Bart Conner himself. This picture is so classic.
At the end of the class, everyone sits in a circle and sing a little goodbye song. Then they get stamps on either their hands or feet. We opted for feet. I didn't get a very good picture of the stamps, but the whole way home she had her feet in the air looking at them.
We had a great time and can't wait for next week. I will post more pics of Olive in her leotard, if I can find one! :)

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