Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11 by 11

I was hoping to do a "ten by ten" every month, which means take a picture of Olive for 10 consecutive hours on the tenth day of the month. August was just too wild and it never happened, today is the 11th, so I took 11 consecutive pictures :) Here is a look into our very busy Saturday...

8:00 am- "Breakfast Club" eating breakfast with Daddy watching the Wonder Pets.

Can you guess what she had for breakfast? Cereal and yogurt, of course!

9:00- in the car on the way to a special friend's birthday party

10:00 am-Checking out Chuck E Cheese..."I think I am going to like this place!"
11:00 am -winding down the fun at Chuck E. Cheese.
12:00 pm- Playing with her toys at Dano and Honey's house. She loves this potato salad bucket!

(Side note: She slept in the car from place to place so she kind of had a nap.)

1:00- Eating lunch at Chili's with Dano, Honey, Gigi and Auntie M
2:00- Doing a little shopping at Target. I think she likes going to Target with her "crew" better than with just me, they let her out of the cart!

3:00- On a shopping scavenger hunt with Honey, didn't find what we were looking for, but found a few neccessities! Like part of her Halloween costume for half price! Woo hoo!

4:00ish- Home! Let's she what is on TV. (Her favorite thing to do these days is find the remote and push all the buttons)

And this is the channel that she turned on and then proceeded to dance happily all around the living room.
(i took the picture of the channel later, that is why it says 7:07 in the corner of the screen)
5:00-playing with her favorite playmate, Wrigley!

6:00-out for a cruise around the block

7:00- almost bathtime...she pulled her hair down and was saying "Bye Bye Daddy" on the phone.

I wonder what we will do on the 10th (or 11th) day of October...we will see!

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