Monday, September 20, 2010

New Park

We had heard that the new playground at the First Baptist Church was so neat, so we decided to check it out. Olive and I had been watching it being built during our daily drive home from Miss Terri's and I had been telling Stephen how amazing it looked. So, last Sunday, we loaded up on our bikes and went over to play. It really is AMAZING!!
Olive was amazed before we ever walked in the gate!
"Wow! What is this place?"

The playground is divided into several play areas. And they have something for every age! Olive liked every area.

In the middle is a "musical section" where they can make all different kinds of music. She loved this part!

Can you hear her squealing in this picture?!
Whee!! The big kid slide

Having a little snack on the ride home.

I know we will enjoy many more evenings playing at this park! Thank you First Baptist of Norman for sharing your amazing playground with our entire community!

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