Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Testament Challenge

Our church is participating in the "New Testament Challenge" and it starts tomorrow! This means we will be reading the New Testament in 9 weeks...that is quite a challenge isn't it? This is a great way to spend time in God's word everyday! As a part of this challenge, our church purchased 1000 copies of the New Testament to pass out in the church neighborhood. We are asking our neighbors to join us in this challenge. Tonight we gathered at church and broke into Life Groups to distribute the copies to our neighbors. We had a great time passing out the Bibles and we are eager to see the lives that our changed by this challenge, including our own!
Olive is ready to pass out some Bibles!

Poundin' the pavement

Daddy passed out the last one on our assigned route.
Our group passed out 38 Bibles.

Inside the packet with the Bible was a note from our pastor and a reading guide. We would love for our friends and family to join in this challenge too! You can log on to for a daily reading schedule and tons of resources. They have made this easy for everyone by creating podcasts of each day's readings that you can download and listen to, or you can sign up for the daily email that will email you that day's reading. Or you can do it the "old fashioned" way and follow the guide by reading in your Bible. We are so excited to accept this challenge and hope that you will join us! Happy Reading!


  1. We are doing this at our church too! It's called NT 40 and were doing it in 40 days! I'm excited. PS - little Olive is too too cute!

  2. I miss our Church Family at Alameda terribly :( Thanks for reminding me about the challenge...I need to get busy reading!