Wednesday, September 8, 2010

13 months

Olive turned 13 months old on Monday! It doesn't seem possible! Our little one is quite the mover so this is the best shot I could get in the rocking chair.

Here is a little of what she is up to these days:

*Still VERY active...the only time she isn't moving is when she is sleeping.

*Giggles and fake laughs at anyone else who is laughing, of course she always assumes they are laughing at her.

*Still a picky eater. She is eating vegetables pretty well, with broccoli being her favorite. Most meats or "mixed" dishes are a no go. Fruits she prefers dry so that she can pick them up with her fingers. Toast and bread have become a staple. She could eat her weight in bread!

*She is saying several words and phrases, such as "Hi (fill in D, Dada, Dave, or guys), Dog, Bri-Bri (which we think is Wrigley), thank you, pretty, good girl, Bye bye, Tede (Terri), Mama (very rarely), yum, all done and more." She can mimick a lot of words which means we must be very selective with our words around here!

*She is just a bundle of fun right now. She loves being chased and hiding under the kitchen table. She laughs and screams and has a great time. Every stage we get to, we think this is so great, I don't want her to get bigger, but it keeps getting better and better! Maybe she could stay 13 months forever...


  1. I just can't believe they are getting so big!

  2. i can't believe she is already so big!!! and she TALKS!!!