Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Perfect Sunday Evening

The weather was BEAUTIFUL this evening, so we decided to ride our bikes over to the "Orange Tree" frozen yogurt and try it out. When we had tried to give Olive frozen yogurt earlier in the summer, she wouldn't even consider trying it, so we wanted to give it another try.
(Of course, our camera batteries died when we got there, so all of the pictures were taken on our phones. It is very obvious to me now that the I phone 4's camera is AMAZING compared to the Iphone 3, see if you can pick the picture that was taken with the 4)

Playing on the table
"Hmm...I think I like this."
"Yep, I like it!"

She wasn't very patient in between bites! PLEASE!!
She gobbled down almost half of Stephen's "Coffee Lovers" yogurt and didn't really care for my "White Chocolate" so I got to eat it all myself! :)

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