Saturday, April 3, 2010

Egg-cellent Eggs

Today Pop and Gipper came down for a visit and they helped us dye our Easter eggs. It is so nice to have Pop right down the street now so Olive gets to see him pretty much whenever she wants! Here she is checking out the first egg. This one was thrown overboard and cracked, but we dyed it anyways!

"Pop, where did the egg go?"
The first one didn't turn out very bright, so we had to let it soak for a little bit longer. Clearly, Olive doesn't care how bright it is, she just wants to get her hands on it!
In between eggs, Olive entertained herself by squealing, chewing on Daddy's sunglasses and banging on her tray. Who knew the eggs would take so long?!

They turned out pretty good! Thank you Pop and Gipper for your help. We can't wait to "hunt" for these eggs tomorrow!

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