Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Go Cubs Go!

Yesterday was opening day! It is the best day of the season when you are a Cubs fan because you have a lot to look forward to! Thanks to Auntie D and Molly, Olive had some very fancy cubbie gear to wear! Here she is with Daddy getting ready for the big opening game against the Braves.
Talking over the strategy with Daddy. He was explaining to her that no matter what happens or how hard it gets, we watch and cheer.

"Okay, so I sit right here. Then I watch them play, no matter how bad we are getting beat. Okay, I can do this! Go cubbies!!!!"

"What do you mean we got beat 16 to 5?! Oh no!!"

She is learning early how heartbreaking it can be to be a Cub fan!

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  1. This is just too cute! Once Chalin and Olive get a little older, we should all plan a trip to Chicago to watch the Cubbies play! :)