Monday, April 19, 2010


Olive tried "puffs" today for the very first time. Once she figured out how to get them into her mouth, she loved them! It amazes me that when she picks up sticks or leaves off the ground, she has absolutely NO problem shoving them straight into her mouth, but food is another story! This is also the first time she ate in her "big girl high chair". It has been in our basement since before she was born and Dano put it together this weekend. She has gotten a little to strong to sit in the Bumbo on the table these days. My Granny got the high chair for her, which is neat because my Great Grandma (Mama Kate), my Granny's mom, bought me my first high chair. We learned that this summer when we were looking through my baby book.
Here she is enjoying her puffs.
"Oooh! What is this?"

"Mommy, you aren't going to take this away from me when I stick it in my mouth, are you?"

"Hmm...I think I like this! Can I have some more, please?"

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